The world’s smartest dental clinic

Explore the world of digital dentistry!

Explore the world’s smartest dental clinic at Swedental
The world’s smartest dental clinic will be built and presented at Swedental in November. The clinic at Swedental is linked to Folktandvården Idun, a public dental clinic in Västerbotten where a project is being carried out to improve and develop dentistry procedures using digital technology, in order to benefit both staff and patients. Here, work procedures and methods will be fully digitalised and optimised. The aim is to be able to carry out all dental procedures digitally. The clinic will be used as a testbed for the Public Dental Service in Västerbotten, and for dentistry in general. New concepts and ideas will be tested at the clinic. If they work they will be widely introduced in the County’s clinics. If not, they will be scrapped after testing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the world of digital dentistry! Welcome to the world’s smartest digital clinic.