The main event for the Swedish dental industry

Welcome to Swedental, the annual dental congress and exhibition

Innovation and inspiration for the world's best dental health

At Swedental and The Odontological National Congress you will meet your customers in a particularly favorable business climate. The fair and conference is the Swedish dental industries main event for inspiration, development and personal meetings. At Swedental, everyone in the dental industry meet to get the lastest up-to-date reserach, see product news and also provide colleagues with their own progress with the goal of making Swedish dental health the best in the world.

The Odontological National Congress 2018 will focus on the digitalization in dental care and society. Digital-supported production of restorative compensation is of course a big part in this, but certainly not everything. The program also wants to highlight digital information retrieval and education, digitally supported treatment methods, communication with employees and patients and much more.

Last time Swedental was arranged in Gothenburg, the visitors increased by 25% and 14 390 visits were noted. It is the second highest visitor figure in the 42-year history of the fair. In addition, the Odontological National Congress was fully sold with 5200 delegates.

The exhibitors thoughts from last time:

”We’ve exhibited for 22 years and I can not remember a better fair! This applies to both the number of visitors and the quality of visitors. We have had many new contacts. We are already looking forward to 2018 the next time the fair is arranged in Gothenburg. ”
Pär Mårtensson, CEO, Dentalmind

”A very successful fair for us, it has been full activity in the stand from the moment the fair opened! We have noted a great interest in our products and have had a perfect mix of new and existing customers. Definitely the best fair so far in Gothenburg. ”
Henrik Bonebjär, Marketing, Unident

”A very nice fair! We have had a steady flow of visitors and also made a large ‘After Dent’-event with 350 invited guests at a restaurant at the main street Avenue in Gothenburg. The city center and the close proximity of the trade fair, hotels and restaurants are an enormous strength for Swedental in Gothenburg. We’re definitely back in 2018. ”
Niklas Brodin, Sweden Manager, Dentsply

”We chose to have a product launch on this year’s Swedental: in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the company, the family Eklund donates $50 million to a new foundation for odontological research and education. We served champagne in the stand to celebrate the 50th anniversary and it was a success. Our focus on Swedental, with an expanded stand, is the largest we make in the Nordic region this year. And we feel we were right! ”
Anne-Kristin Ottosson, Nordic General Manager, TePe Munhygien Products

”This year we participated for the 40th time and this year’s fair was one of the absolute best. For example, I can not remember that there have ever been so many people on Thursday, the first day of the fair. Friday got even better, but it’s more normal. We had four stands, a total of over 300 square meters, and thousands of visitors. For us, Swedental is the year’s most important exposure opportunity and, overall, we are very pleased. ”
Jan-Åke Österlund, Associate Professor, DAB Dental